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UV digital printing

We can offer the services of digital UV printing. The printing is done on a flatbed Yishan machine with high quality Konica Minolta printheads. The machine has the ability to print with seven different colors (CMYK plus White, Light Magenta, Light Cyan) on materials up to 6cm in thickness. The printing is available on various materials: paper, canvas, wood, ceramics, MDF, textile, metal. Maximum resolution of the printout is 1440dpi. As the material is static during the process of printing, the print is extremely precise even on uneven surfaces. Maximum dimension of the prints are 120cmx240cm.

Digital printing is ideal for small and medium sized orders that can be cost-inefficient for offset printing. As there is no need for long preparation and manufacture of offset plates, the order can be done in a shorter amount of time without significant loss in quality. The price of printing depends on the material and the amount of preparation needed, and usually ranges from 100kn/m2 and upwards.


On top of a wide variety of artistic paintings and wooden frames, we can offer you the service of scanning various large format media. Color scanning up to A4 format (29,7x21cm) is done on a Canon 8800F scanner, while larger formats (up to 108cm width) are done on a top of the line Contex HD4230 scanner. High quality and resolutions of scanning are a guarantee that your paintings, photos and other visual media will remain perfectly archived for future generations, and will always be available for viewing or printing. We can also offer you black-and-while scanning, which is extremely useful for archiving your drawings, blueprints or topographic charts, which are immediately ready for work in various applications or to be turned into vector images. Archiving of the data is done on DVD disks or your USB drive in whichever format you prefer (PDF, TIFF, JPG...). The price of scanning is determined by the size of the scanned media.



Scanning price: 1m2 = 10€

Maximum width of media: 108cm

Maximum thickness of media: 10mm

Maximum resolution: 600dpi