ARTI - Hand Made Paintings
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  • oil on canvas painted by hand

  • over 800 different motifs

  • dimensions at will and choice

  • printing on canvas with high resolution

  • Combined technique on canvas

  • Oil on canvas

  • printing on glass, ceramics and other materials

  • dimensions of 5 cm x 10 cm to 122 cm x 244 cm

  • high quality and low price

  • our products can be obtained at short notice anywhere in Europe

  • production of wood frames with different profiles, thickness, color and design

paintings for every taste

Artus-s.t.r. is an art company from Europe that specializes exclusively in manufacturing paintings of medium and high quality. For you we have organized production of reproductions on various materials (canvas, glass, wood, paper, plexiglas. etc.) and converting your photographs into original artwork. Furthermore, we can offer you the services of equipping your paintings with frames of various profiles and colors.

Your images and all other information are 100% protected from further distribution! If you are not satisfied with the quality, we offer full money back guarantee.

All our products are made in our company, which means that you're getting production prices, which are the best prices on the market.

All our products are wanted in interior design of hotels, restaurants, luxury apartments, houses and other objects.

What do you get if you choose us?

  • High quality paintings, painted with professional, high quality paint which lasts a long time and is hard to damage by cleaning.
  • Original paintings made by artists from Europe, which can be recognized from soft brush strokes and mild European colors that add to the refinement of the paintings.
  • A wide variety of sizes, so you can order every motif in any size you desire and adjust it to your own interior.
  • Delivery of the paintings in a very short time, because they are made in European Union. Delivery time is approximately 5-10 days.
  • Top quality materials (professional acrylic paint, canvas made of combined linen and cotton, wooden frames).
  • Best price on the market, because we're the manufacturers and there are no other distributors or agents related to our company.
  • Respectable prices and high quality, which guarantee a good sale.
  • A special discount depending on the size of your order.


  • All prints are done with the latest UV printing technology.
  • Printing can be done on a wide range of materials (glass, mirrors, canvas, paper, wood, MDF, ceramics, silk, surfaces with relief) depending on your requirement or the requirements of your designer.

Other services

  • Turning your photographs into original artwork (100% handmade) or a print on canvas as well as other surfaces is one of our specialties. Each of your photographs, regardless of the motif (nature, city, sea, animals, flowers, figures, portraits, streets, realism, impressionism, religious motifs), can be made as an original oil painting or a reproduction on one of the materials.
  • Free sample (shipping cost paid by the customer).
  • Restoration of old paintings.

Reproduction - print on canvas
Painting canvases